Revamp of 457 visa system needs to recognise hospitality industry’s specific needs and protect regional Australia

18 April 2017

Australia’s peak hospitality body, the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) called on the Federal Government to consider the specific needs of the hospitality sector in the design of a new temporary working visa system, following the announcement today by Prime Minister Turnbull that the current 457 visa system would be scrapped.

AHA said that while full details were not currently available it was important that the Government recognise the specific skilled labour needs of the hospitality sector as it was currently undergoing its largest ever expansion.

“The hospitality industry is growing at unprecedented rates at the present and the demand for skilled labour is at all-time highs with this complete transformation of Australia’s hotel industry,” said AHA CEO, Stephen Ferguson.

“Retention of chefs and cooks in the skilled occupation list is a must.

“Australia’s hospitality sector has responded with a wide range of training and career development programs, but with such a rapid increase in tourism it is impossible to meet the demand for skilled labour in the short-term through local channels, especially in regional and remote Australia.

“We will be happy to work with the Federal Government to ensure that their objective of growing local employment is met, while also encouraging growth in the hospitality sector through carefully targeted temporary skilled worker placements, particularly to support regional Australia.”

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