The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) represents more than 5,000 members across Australia serviced by a network of branches based in every state and territory, plus a Canberra-based National Office.

But more than that, the AHA also represents the interests of the 24 million Australian’s and 7 million visitors to Australia each year that congregate to immerse in our rich hotel culture.
Australian hotels have a long and proud history of being a place where people and communities connect and belong, a place for leisure and recreation where people enjoy a sense of togetherness enjoying important milestone events and celebrating sporting successes. Australian hotels provide a safe place of solace and a sense excitement where people from all cultures and communities can eat, drink, meet, play and sleep.
The size and scope of the AHA includes:
  • Over 5,000 businesses ranging from country pubs to five star resorts
  • Providing 270,000 jobs
  • Generating $12,000,000,000 economic benefit
  • Supporting over 50,000 community groups.
Australian hotels and their interests are represented and protected by the important work of the AHA.