New AHA National CEO commences

Australian Hotels Association (AHA) National President Mr Peter Burnett today announced that Stephen Ferguson had commenced in the role of National CEO with the AHA.

Mr Burnett said “I look forward to working closely with Stephen and to the contribution that he will make in areas that are critical to the ongoing success and viability of the Australian hotel and accommodation sectors”.

Mr Ferguson said, ““My aim is to contribute as best I can to the ongoing viability of the 6,800 hotels in Australia, the 270,000 people that hotels employ, and the more than 50,000 community groups and causes that hotels support.

I am also keen to build on the good work already being undertaken across the hotel industry in the important areas of patron care, responsible practice, and evidence-based public health policy.

In this regard, I look forward to working cooperatively with the Federal Government, AHA State Branches, Tourism Accommodation Australia, and other key licensed industry stakeholders across areas of mutual interest.”

Key areas of interest for the AHA National Office are those primarily related to the Federal Government arena, including for example:

  • Ensuring a fair and equitable workplace relations system that accommodates the 24/7 nature of the hotel industry
  • Contributing to the workforce development of Australian workers and workplaces, and also enabling simple access to overseas workers
  • Supporting the Federal Government in its aim to ensure high quality tourism experiences, market Australia effectively overseas, reduce red tape, and enable investment in high quality tourism infrastructure
  • Continuing to contribute to the development of evidence-based public  health strategies
  • Ensuring the Commonwealth recognises that unique state or local issues are best determined by state or local governments

Further information: Contact Stephen Ferguson at [email protected]