AHA appointed to lead IR reform for accommodation and hospitality industries

The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) has been appointed by the Federal Government as the peak Accommodation and Hospitality industry body to lead the sectors contribution and guidance in two key working groups tasked with overhauling Australia’s industrial relations system.

AHA National CEO Stephen Ferguson said having Australia’s peak accommodation and hospitality industry body as the lead organisation for the sector, was a unique opportunity to reform Australia’s employment law system which has rightly been described as no longer fit for purpose.  

“For decades the AHA and its subsidiary Tourism Accommodation Australia, has shown itself to be the sectors leader as a progressive and pragmatic peak industry organisation when it comes to industrial relations – the Federal Government knows we have a proven ability to negotiate fair and reasonable with all stakeholders,” Mr Ferguson said.

“On behalf of our membership and the more than 1,000,000 people working in the hospitality and tourism industry, we welcome the opportunity to contribute to a process that may deliver the most meaningful reform in decades.”

“With much of our industry’s workforce employed under the Hospitality Award, the AHA is heavily invested in ensuring we get this right, for the long-term benefit of employers, employees and the broader economy.”

As the lead employer group for the Hospitality Industry (General) Award (HIGA) in the Fair Work Commission, the AHA has delivered favourable outcomes by working cooperatively and in good faith with trade unions.

Recent successes at the Fair Work Commission include:

  • Securing changes to the HIGA to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, including the agreement to reduce minimum hour requirements and the suspension of rules governing job classifications.
  • Securing a “flexible part time” provision in the HIGA designed to move casual employees to more secure part time employment
  • Won the “Penalty Rates Case”, securing changes to penalty and public holiday rates

Last month, Prime Minister Scott Morrison commissioned Federal Attorney General and Minister of Industrial Relations, the Hon Christian Porter MP to Chair 5 Working Groups to cover:

  1. Award simplification;
  2. Enterprise agreement making;
  3. Casual and fixed-term employment;
  4. Greenfields projects; and
  5. Compliance and enforcement.

The AHA has been appointed to the Award Simplification and Compliance and Enforcement Working Groups. Mr Ferguson will represent the AHA on the Award Simplification Working Group while Philip Ryan, (AHA Director Legal and Industrial Affairs) will attend the Compliance and Enforcement Working Group.


Further information: David De Garis 0412 577 567