AHA applauds FWC part-time employment decision

The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) has welcomed today’s decision by the Fair Work Commission to introduce flexible part-time employment in the hospitality industry.

AHA CEO Stephen Ferguson said today’s announcement by the independent umpire was a ‘common-sense win’ for both employers and employees.
“The Fair Work Commission agreed with the AHA submission that greater flexibility in part-time employment would be in the interests of both employee and employer,” Mr Ferguson said.

“The FWC found that the current part-time provision was close to being a ‘dead letter’ and unworkable. This has traditionally seen a low percentage of part-time workers across our industry.

“We proposed a more flexible system which contained appropriate safeguards for workers including guaranteed hours, same days off and overtime measures.”
“This decision by the independent umpire will bring benefits to workers including more certainty, regular employment and the capacity to apply for loans and mortgages.”

Contact: Stephen Ferguson 02 62 734 007 / Jason Bartlett, 0433 95 46 57