What We Do

AHA members and their stakeholders operate in a rapidly changing and complex legislative and community framework. The AHA plays an integral role in protecting and advancing the interests of all members and associated stakeholders.

It is critical that AHA sustains and nurtures its financial capacity to deliver. Our corporate partnerships provide the necessary financial resources to enable the hotel industry and your business to maximise opportunities and nullify threats at the Federal level. It also opens up key network, engagement and brand opportunities.

AHA reflects the national pulse of the hotel and hospitality industry and addresses the central issues of shared concern. AHA serves to know the times and influence and shape the future. AHA does this by observing political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legislative trends.

AHA seeks to understand the changes and provides leadership, advice and education on appropriate shifts in order for the industry to effectively respond. AHA achieves this through quality connections and a strong platform for influence.

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